Social Security Maximization Planning

A key Component of Retirement Plans

Social security benefits are a key component of most retirement plans. Not because the monthly figures are particularly large, as they vary greatly, and for many people, these payments do not make up a significant portion of their projected retirement income. Rather, the main reason they are so important is that they are extremely reliable and provide a solid baseline income to rely on. In addition, you continue to receive them for life, something that cannot be said about most private investment options.

Social Security Variations

There are many variations in how social security benefits can be claimed, especially between married couples. It is imperative that you answer questions such as whether or not you should start claiming benefits on your own work record at 62 or wait for a greater spousal benefit at age 66. Or if you are planning to wait until age 70, how might this affect your spousal benefits? Should you apply for benefits while still employed in the workforce, or would you be better off to wait? Obviously, all tax implications need to be taken into account, including both how benefits will affect your current income and how the choices you make today will impact your tax scenario down the road. Are you applying all available tax deductions against your social security income? 

As you can see, there is plenty to think about when planning for your social security income in retirement. Determining the absolute best strategy for your particular circumstances can be extremely complex, which makes consulting with a highly qualified financial advisor the most important part of the process.

Make an Appointment with a Financial Advisor

Meeting with a Front Range Financial advisor is an important first step towards securing your financial future. It is an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and aspirations.

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